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I am 18, just started my Music Career in UK, I am female and I attend High School, I am here for posting music and maybe a few flash movies ( May be a while) And also I am here for friends and for fun...Anyone who has rated me any score will get Respect!

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Posted by silverinestar600 - May 7th, 2008

Okay...Heres Whats Going On With One Of My Songs "Hero Will Die".

Some Time Ago, My Friend Wanted My Song For His Movie For Youtube And Imeem, So I Thought I Could Trust Him With The Song And So I Gave It To Him, 2 Weeks Later, After The Song Was Posted, I Keep Getting Comments Saying That I "Stole" The Song, I Thought What Was Going On?, So I Checked Youtube,Imeem,Bebo etc To See Why People Are Saying Its From Different People, Until...One Week After Searching, I Found My Friends Imeem Page, Stacked Full Of My Songs Which He PLAGERISED Himself! I Was Very Upset And So I Told Him To Get Rid Of Them, But He Said "Never..." As He Was Destined To Make Sure That Nearly Everyone In Newgrounds Knew Aswell, On Youtube, If You See My Songs On Each Account Which Have The Same As Mine, Please Contact Me Straight Away On This E-mail Address


Also, To The People That Have Heard About This, Thank You For Letting Me Know And I Hope That All You Guys Keep Reviewing My 3 Songs :)

And Theres more, Before I Leave, I Have A Reason For My Long Absence For 2 Months, I Was On Vacation To Japan For A While As I Needed To Relax, Sorry If I Couldn't Answer Any Mail,Reviews Or Other Things Here!

Keep In Touch!
SS600 [=

Posted by silverinestar600 - March 19th, 2008

There are 2 new songs that have been posted today!! CHeck them out now and post a review!!!